By Suhel Johar

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The Nagarjuna-Tabu affair is taking the shape of a real life 'Fatal Attraction' story. The Hyderabad born actress has somehow always been unlucky with her affairs in Bollywood. But over the years, she has built a special rapport with Nagarjuna, so much so that even her engagement with producer Sajid Nadiadwala was called off because of her liaison with Nagarjuna.

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Ironically, none of these break-ups has had any effect on her, because as far she is concerned, her world begins and ends with Nagarjuna. She does not like anyone questioning her about her relationship with Nagarjuna. In fact, only sometime back she had a terrible showdown with her mother and divorced sister Farha. As a result, she walked out of home and stayed at her cinematographer cousin's house for more than a week till things calmed down.

The intensity of her affair can be gauged by the fact that in an interview after her engagement, while talking about Nagarjuna, she had said, " It's love and it's forever and it will last for as long as we live. He is a godsend to me. I don't know if it's a previous birth connection or what, but I can fall back on my relationship with Nag whenever I feel the need to."

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Sajid was quite naturally livid. But putting his ego aside, he made a valiant effort to come to terms with Tabu's feelings and accept her excuse of "we are just good friends". Sajid's family, though, were not ready to accept Tabu's relationship with Nagarjuna, and after the interview they became adamant that Sajid break off the engagement.

Sajid, however, decided to give some more time to his fiancée to sort things out in her mind, which of course didn't happen. The final straw came when Tabu flew to the United States with Nagarjuna for a month. Throughout that month she was unavailable to Sajid, and neither her secretary nor her family could provide him with her phone numbers. This was the last straw and Sajid called off the engagement.

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The latest about the Nag-Tabu affair is that she has decided to move bag and baggage to Hyderabad so that she can not only stay close to her man but also keep a close eye on him. Nagarjuna was asked to locate a suitable plot in the city by his lady love, and after scanning the entire city for an appropriate piece of land, he came up with one next to his own house in the posh Jubilee Hills area.


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