Shaina in the Guinness Book

January 22, 2008
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Shaina in the Guinness Book

By Kkomal Seth & Gautam Seth

Shaina NC's to enter the Guinness Book Shaina NC's last show before she enters the Gunniess records at Bollywood Mischief on 19th January 2008 Shaina showed the fastest ever saree draping and the most number of innovative ways in which a saree can be draped. Shaina NC is at historical crossroads and she's going to show us how! What's going to catapult this pretty lady into the guinness hall of fame; come to Bollywood Mischief, the fashion house by day and lounge by night concept pioneered by Suresh Bhandari, Shaina will show us 'the fastest ever saree draping' and 'the most number of innovative ways in which a saree can be draped'. And when the venue is Bollywood Mischief; can the page threes be far behind? About Shaina NC 'Queen of Drapes', as she's called, started out by busting a few sari myths. According to Shaina there's no reason why saris must be worn over a petticoat -It can even be worn over trousers 'There's no set rules - take your pleats to the side or over the hip, wear the pallav like a dupatta or try a double or triple sarL' Shaina has created over 50 different ways of draping a sari and we are still counting for newer designs from the buzzing whizzing human. Shaina's Concept sarees come stitched mostly in georgettes, chiffons and nets, as she likes to work with fabrics that fall well. They are designed keeping in mind the younger women or girls who find handling a sari daunting - the two-piece Concept sari that's stitched in all the right places and guaranteed not to come apart. 'You can also try a net sari with a funky choli over jeans or chJridhar or tapered skirt', says Shaina . As they are less time consuming and ready to wea'r they fall into every woman's concept of Timeless sarees.


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