SAB TV Launches 5 New Shows

July 27, 2006
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SAB TV Launches 5 New Shows

By Kkomal Seth & Gautam Seth

Starting from Monday, Sab TV has a line up of comedy shows promising to tickle your funny bone! The channel has developed four new shows ? Ji Behenji, Party, Ishq Ki Ghanti and FIR in addition to a brand new season of the hit comedy series, Yes Boss. Start the week with the funny and fearless ?Behenji? and her trials through the day-to-day crises of her decidedly non-traditional middle-class family. An average girl, her widowed mother and her nephew could well be a recipe for buckets of tears but not on this show. Rajeshwari Badola as Behenji supports the scrappy widow, setting the stage for their hilarious experiences, every Monday at 8:30 pm. Tuesday will not be boring as Yes Boss is back with more office flirtations and an even bigger dose of confusion and chaos. It revolves around a couple who work in the same office. But there?s a catch. The wife is the husband?s boss. And there?s another guy who?s the wife?s boss. Watch Yes Boss, every Tuesday at 8:30 pm. On Wednesday, get set to roll with laughter, watching the escapades of three men in a rib tickling comedy, Ishq Ki Ghanti. Watch their quest for fun with the spa?s gorgeous clients as Ballu tries to avoid his man bashing feminist wife while Venkat eats up the ?Prasad? his spiritually inclined wife offers him instead of romance. The two romance-starved men have to support their friend Dhokla Bhai who is terrified of his wife?s wild fantasies. Starring Asif Sheikh, Gaurav Gera and Rajesh Balwani, the show will telecast at 8:30 pm. Come Thursday, at 8:30 p.m., get ready to encounter the comic take on cops which combines crime, romance and comedy in FIR, which is a subtle satire on the police force. Each character in this cop station is a specimen itself that adds to the confusion and mayhem. The romance between the disguised inspector Pawan Putra Pandey and the woman sub inspector, a tomboyish woman makes the chowky all the more hilarious. Weekends will be fun filled; entertaining with a bunch of off-beat party planners whose dedication to their job is such that no occasion is unworthy of a celebration. They celebrate anything - whether it?s a ?My divorce came through? party, ?I just got myself fired? party, a ?Gangster party? or a ?My Centennial? birthday party. Watch Party every Friday at 8:30 pm.


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