Rani n Lara Dutta on DUS KA DUM

September 15, 2008
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Rani n Lara Dutta on DUS KA DUM

By Kkomal Seth and Gautam Seth

Rani Mukherjee n Lara Dutta on DUS KA DUM Life is Beautiful Life has changed for all those contestants who appeared on 10 Ka Dum. For those who won big money it has helped them see a better life, but even those who didn't, seem to be enjoying celebrity status. All those who are now household names make an appearance in the grand finale of 10 Ka Dum. The BMC sweeper Ghanshyam said people come in search of his house to meet him: Akshata Tiwrekar, the lady who takes the honor of breaking the ice with Salman on the very first episode and getting him to let his hair down and dance with abandon, (got the warmest hug from Salman), said she is recognized at public places; Afsana, (the pretty young thing who flirts outrageously with Salman) and wanted to go pillion riding with him got a ride with Salman in an auto rickshaw instead! Paanwaala Navin Rao has named his paan shop 10 Ka Dum Paan Bhandaar. The irrepressible Lakshmi, who represents the transgender at the UN, said after the show the attitude of people towards them had changed for the better. Vishal Netke the autorikshaw driver said passengers now talk to him with respect. When Rani Mukherjee saluted the spirit of the Mumbai rickshaw drivers Vishal promised: "From now on no rickshaw driver will block your way on the roads of Mumbai! Drive on Rani!" Catch the Grand Finale this September 16, Sunday at 8.00 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.


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