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No good movie

No good movie

By K N Gupta

Eye TV India Bureau

Cast: Aftab Shivdasani, Riteish Deshmukh, Vivek Oberoi, Bruna Abdullah, Karishma Tanna, Pradeep Rawat
Direction : Indra Kumar

Critic's I-view

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Punjab and Haryana High Court lifted the ban it imposed on a plea that the movie vulgar and obscene. One wonders what prompted the court to lift it. The movie is full to the brim with double meaning innuendos and beyond-naughty use of words. It does not come close to the original 'Masti', but could be dismissed as Hollywood B grade flick. Indra Kumar perhaps picked up the genre to attract the audience with cheap dialogues and obnoxious song sequences. It's tough to think that a fast-maturing Indian audience would dwell on men cheating on wives and treating them as objects of pleasure!

One must also wait for the backlash from smart and sensible Indian women. 'Grand Masti' is a shocking turn by Indra Kumar who has otherwise presented reasonable comedies like 'Pyare Mohan', 'Dhamaal' and 'Double Dhamaal'. The movie's promos did hint that it was about unsatisfied husbands going on sexual escapades. Perhaps, the flick is aimed at a new audience, and the film might enlighten critics about who watches the movie, if at all. The film cannot be watched by a family. The story is about three married guys who plan a trip for a college reunion. It opens with Amar, Meet and Prem played by Ritesh Deshmukh, Vivek Oberoi and Aftab Shivdasani, respectively.

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Amar is married to Mamta (Sunali Kulkarni), Meet to Unatti (Karishma Tanna) and Prem to Tulsi (Manjari Phasdis). These unsatisfied husbands chase 3 sex-starved bombshells called Rose, Mary and Marlowe pronounced as 'Roz Meri Maarlo'! SHOCKING! Marlo is played by Kainaat Arora, Rose by Maryam Zakaria and Mary by Bruna Abdullah. They are a college principal's wife, sister and daughter. PATHETIC PLOT!! And, still worse, the movie has close-ups of male and female private parts. They coach their juniors on how to have the best time at college.

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The movie has no plot. Three experienced actors - Riteish, Aftab and Viveik - play their assigned roles as they were told. Even the character of a tough college principal, played by Pradeep Rawat, is good. Among the females, Sunali Kulkarni is brilliant, Karishma Tanna shows her skin skillfully, and Manjari Phasdis is pleasing. The songs fit the situations but are purely indecent. Anand Raj Anand's music is okay.

Overall, the movie is meant for perhaps a sex-starved audience looking for cheap and vulgar thrills. Why waste time and money on a movie, at least at on a cinema screen!!!!!


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