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By Satyajit

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M.F. Hussain's colorful journey into woman's heart and A.R.Rehman's delightful musical extravaganza coagulates into the mould of immaculately sketched 'Meenaxi - A tale of 3 cities'. Hussain's sketches of woman's eternal beauty are visibly evident in Rehman's mind-blowing music. Shot beautifully on the locales of Jaisalmer, Hyderabad in India and Prague, it presents vivid shades of life through distinct colors of M.F.Hussain's flight of fantasy. His last presentation 'Gajagamini' was passionately attributed to Madhuri Dixit's charm. Mow 'Meenaxi' has talented Tabu in the lead role. Rehman has come out with one of his finest compositions as this album has brought budding talent Reema Bharadwaj into limelight with solo track "Yeh Rishta". 'Meenaxi' was earlier named as 'Do Kadam Aur Sahi'. Hussain has turned lyricist with this film as he has written one qawaali "Noor-un-ala-noor". Besides Hussain, Rahat Indori and Sukhwinder Singh have penned the lyrics of the film. Original soundtracks of the film are on Sony Music. The album has eight soundtracks including two instrumentals.

"Yeh Rishta" brings out the sweet and everlasting bond of natural colors with human emotions. Rahat Indori's well-narrated lyrics make this one of the soulful compositions of our times. A voice of pouring water and echoing voices in the background creates an air of serenity. New talent Reema Bharadwaj has certainly sparkled in his debut composition, as she can have bright prospects in future.

"Chinnamma Chilakkamma" comes out in the mould of Rehman's smash hit "Chaiya Chaiya". The song has a backdrop of South Indian music as it reflects Rehman's infallible style. Sukhwinder Singh has done a splendid job, but lacks the spontaneity of "Chaiya Chaiya". Besides an extraordinary quality orchestration, the song has been beautifully visualized by Owais Hussain (son of M.F.Hussain) on celluloid.

"Do Kadam Aur Sahi" epitomizes the ocean of fantasy when we move two steps towards infinite destination of love and desire. The song is undoubtedly the best composition and brings out the lethal combination of Sonu Nigam's vocal brilliance and Rehman's enormous musical genius. Sonu's mystical and magical performance puts it in the cadre of his award winning "Saathiya" composition. Rahat Indori's finest lyrics come out as this has beautifully knitted the imagination of lovers with colors of life. Soul stirring musical effects lifts the spirits and sprays fragrance of love and passion in air. The song will certainly find place in all the prestigious awards ceremony since this will go with masses as well as with classes.

"Cyclist's Rhythm" is an instrumental presentation, which clubs the blowing of cycle's bell with percussions of Shivamani and flute of Navin Kumar. Heavy drumming and well-crafted musical instruments makes it passionate.

"Dhuan Dhuan" comes out as fresh whiff of air as it brings the chirpy golden voice of Asha Bhonsle in a seductive way. Asha's delightful voice reminds of her recent hits "Kambakht Ishq" and brings back memories of her timeless hits like "Piya Ab To". James Asher of Buddha Bar with additional groves has also featured in this composition. Shivamani's brilliant percussions set the mood of the song.

"Rang Hai" is the delightful and colorful solo song melodiously rendered by Alka Yagnik. The song signifies the importance of colors in life and how they inspire a life, story and language. Hussain's visionary expertise has been put to words with Rahat Indori's lyrics. "Potter's village" is an instrumental soundtrack sketching out the potter's village. Hossam Ramzy's perceptions and strings of John Themis make it brighter and colorful.

"Noor-un-ala-noor" is a finely composed Qawaali number that comes straight out of M.F.Hussain's creative abilities as he pens the lyrics of the song. Murtuza Khan and Qadir Khan's vocals make it happen with their vocal talents. It epitomizes the light of divine power creating beautiful world and diminishing the darkness of life. Meaningful and soulful lyrics give it a sentimental touch.

A.R.Rehman has done the needful for M.F.Hussain in this album. Where Bhupen Hazarika failed in 'Gajagamini' Rehman has excelled in 'Meenaxi'. The album will certainly find place for classes but with numbers like "Yeh Rishta", "Do Kadam Aur Sahi" and "Dhuan Dhuan" it will certainly hit the masses as after 'Lakeer - The Forbidden Lines', Rehman maintains his winning streak.



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