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Extra-marital affairs have been a triumph card in recent times and it makes another dominating presence in 'Unns'. This is a Persian word meaning love and it comes with acting expertise of national award winning actress Rituparno Sen Gupta in the lead role. The film forays into the complex marital relationships of a happily married couple played by Sanjay Kapoor and Rituparno Sen Gupta. Sanjay Kapoor's second innings as an actor has been in negative shades but this time he plays a positive role. Rituparno Sen Gupta made a silent entry with low profile 'Main Meri Patni Aur Woh' opposite comedian Rajpal Yadav but this time she returns in a conventional heroine mould. Sanjay Kapoor plays the role of Rahul Malhotra, a caring husband who wins his love back in the keen tussle of a court war. Rituparno plays his wife Ria Malhotra, girl torn between her past, present and future love relationships. Model-turned-actor Sudhanshu Pandey plays the important third angle in this love saga after the forgettable performances in films like 'Yakeen' and 'Kiss Kis Ko'. Juhi Babbar, daughter of actor-turned-politician Raj Babbar, will be donning the character of a proficient lawyer who narrates this complex saga from her point of view. 'Unns' promises power packed court room drama with some inspiring performances and melodious music. The music of 'Unns' recently made news for its free download on Internet. Debutante producer and director Bhupendra Gupta directs this engrossing love triangle that will hit theatres in the middle of April this year.

New music composer Sujeet Shetty along with lyricist Shaaen Iqbal has composed eight original soundtracks for the film. Abhijeet's melodious voice makes silent and innocent romantic vibes in poetically narrated soundtrack "Bas Yehi Soch Ke". The song is a sentimental journey of a lover as he mesmerizes his communion with his beloved. It's a decent and polite depiction of love in poetically enriched romantic verses. New composer Sujeet Shetty's soft and mushy music may not be cut above the rest but delivers the needful. Shaeen Iqbal delivers his best possible set of lyrics in this colorful track. It's a pleasant surprise to hear Abhijeet coming in full colors as his voice has been least heard in recent times. In a low profile film it's relieving to hear pleasant soundtrack and if it finds the right combination of choreography and talents it might strike chord with viewers.

Bollywood's most trusted pair of singing talents - Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik - shows their singing affluence in the soundtrack "Hum Hain Bechain". It's a contemporary and routine love song that has been catalyst in love stories. One would have expected new musical arrangements from Sujeet Shetty but it is strictly ordinary and fails to impress. Shaeen Iqbal's lyrics lack the ire and passion that can exemplify youthful flavor of romance. The voices may be acceptable as they have dominated two decades but the song is run-of-the-mill and won't find many takers.

Dreamy journey of a lover's delight makes promising and surprising presence in beautifully rendered "Khabon Mein". Hariharan's pristinely talented voice sings sweet and romantically enriched emotions in fine verses. The song can also be termed as the lover's adulation for his beloved through his imagination. Sujeet Shetty's music should have been more instrumental and titillating so that it could lift the spirits. Shaeen Iqbal scores fine set of lyrics as this track comes in second version in the voice of Sonu Nigam. "Khabon Mein-II" is second melodious version of this track by ever reliable Sonu Nigam. The slow paced female chorus with fine piece of stringed music adds sentimental flavors to the soundtrack. Undoubtedly, this is the best soundtrack and if choreographed aesthetically it might surprise biggies.

The impressive voice of Sonu Nigam returns with conventional romantic solo soundtrack "Pal Pal Palkon Mein". Like the previous soundtrack, it's run-of-the-mill stuff with predictable lyrics and mediocre music. Such soundtracks provide enough meat for new composers to exhibit musical prowess but Sujeet Shetty fails to be different and melodious. The lackluster impact and feeble presentation makes it an ordinary affair.

After a couple of male solo soundtracks it's feminine vocal dominance as Shreya Ghoshal renders "Rang Mein Tere Rangke". It's celebration song with folk flavors where innocent emotions of a girl get glorified in colorful ways. It's merry time as the joyful sentiments get the chorus backdrop with a fine piece of musical arrangements. It's situational and tailor made for the situation but is strictly contemporary. Shreya Ghoshal has been a singing prodigy in recent times but this won't add to her finest soundtracks.

Sensuous and seductive emotions are portrayed in sultry voice of Sunidhi Chauhan in "Sanson Mein Bheegi Hui Raat". It may titillate audiences in theatres but is an ordinary affair once again as Hariharan joins Sunidhi in this dare-bare act of seduction. Soundtracks like these have been on rise recently and this comes as another offering that adds to the glamour quotient of the film and album. Sunidhi's svelte rendition of "oh-ah" is impressive but it has been heard many times and lyrics hardly impress.

The album ends with Sonu Nigam's eclectically and sentimentally romantic voice in sad and morose soundtrack "Noorani Palkon". The dejected and isolated emotions get the oppressive and suppressive musical support as Sonu vociferously delivers it passionately. The song has Arabic feel and touch that adds more flavor to the track. After "Khabon Mein", it's another impressive soundtrack that impresses with effective lyrics.

'Unns's music is strictly ordinary with a couple of impressive soundtracks like "Khabon Mein" and "Noorani Palkon". The soundtracks are generally contemporary and sound outdated in the present context. Unlike Shantanu Moitra or Pritam, new composer Sujeet Shetty has failed to impress and the album sounds ordinary and outdated.


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