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By Satyajit - Eye TV India Bureau


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Macho man Sunny Deol delivers another punching performance in 'Teesri Aankh' that metaphors the blasphemous acts of "invasion of privacy". In recent months, sting operations, explicit MMS clips and hidden cameras have hit headlines and have been sources of entertainment from TV channels. 'Teesri Aankh' is a film about the misuse of technology with Sunny Deol being the crime buster. Recently released Mohit Suri directed 'Kalyug' was based on a similar theme that got average response from the media and the audience. Prominent filmmaker Harry Baweja has directed this action packed thriller that has tagline "The Hidden Camera". The film narrates the plight of hapless girls who are victims of third eye - "spy camera" catching them in changing rooms, bathrooms and honeymoon bedrooms. The film is a hard-hitting depiction of this escalating crime mushrooming in cosmopolitan cities. Bold and controversial actress Neha Dhupia plays the victimized girl who has Sunny Deol as her love interest. Down in the dumps Amisha Patel plays the alibi of the crime that gets centralized as the main plot of the film. Mukesh Rishi, Mukesh Tiwari and Murli Sharma play the gang lords of the porn mafia. Arti Chhabria and Ashish Chaudhry play pivotal roles in the supporting cast. Harry Baweja's last directorial venture 'Main Aisi Hi Hoon' was a complete washout. Baweja's last association with Sunny Deol in 'Karz - the burden of truth' too bit dust at the box office. Baweja has tried to conceptualize this hard hitting vendetta by incorporating trendy music by Harry Anand, Sukhwhinder Shingh and Nitz 'N' Sony. This mind blowing action film promises quality entertainment with the UK based singer Jazzy B rendering the much publicized item number.

'Teesri Aankh' has eight original soundtracks comprising four principal soundtracks and the other four are its remix, second, lounge versions and can be heard on TIPS. The UK Bhangra craze Jazzy B fires up all cylinders with foot-thumping Bhangra claps and beats in "Chak De Punjabi". The soundtracks pump out zing and zest of contemporary Bhangra music fueling passion with boisterous vocals and synchronized musical arrangements. If you have listening taste of hip-hop Bhangra music, then this soundtrack can entertain you. Otherwise it is strictly restricted to disco culture and party manias. Despite all frolicking feel this number doesn't live up to expectations of Jazzy B's earlier hit soundtracks. Sukhwinder Singh has been proficient in delivering spicy Bhangra numbers and his music is apt for the occasion. Karamjeet Kandholiya's folklore style of lyrics boasts of Punjabi "Boliyan" coagulated in trendy musical set up. This number has been used as promotional tool with singer Jazzy B and actress Amisha Patel dancing to its tune. Unlike 'Dhoom', 'Dus' or 'Zinda' this promotional hype has not caught anybody's attention and the film's prospects lie on its audience acceptance and actor's performance.

If you were enchanted by "Huzoor-Alaa" ('Page 3') then the next soundtrack "Sharabiyoon" can be termed as its extended version. The undisputed queen of Indi-Pop music Asha Bhonsle delivers another impressive solo pop number. This time Grammy-nominated Asha Bhonsle collages her intoxicating singing flair with the spellbinding musical echoing effects by new composer Nitz 'N' Sony. The soundtrack reminds of Asha Bhonsle rendered remix versions of her 60's and 70's numbers re-mastered and remixed by Leslie Lewis and not conventional Bollywood soundtracks. It's enchanting, intoxicating and inviting for eternal delights in five minutes plus soundtrack. "Sharabiyoon" will have liking for Asha Bhonsle's fans especially, and won't have many takers from party animals from the pop genre.

The lively "n" peppy "Sharabiyoon" lives another life in slow "n" soothing lounge version in "Sharabiyoon (lounge mix)". Asha Bhonsle's vocals get overstretched with sluggish musical pace giving it a perfect "lounge" feel. It can be reciprocated for instrumental version for its soft and somber treatment with free flowing vocals.

Chirpy and vivacious vocals of Shweta Pandit get into frothy soundtrack "Titliyan". The song embarks the dominance of presence of fun loving and carefree girls termed as "Titliyan" (butterflies). Sonu Nigam's voice comes in tandem as Shweta Pandit sings youthfully blended lyrics. Sameer's lyrics are naughtier in narration but fail to deliver anything new with the same set of Punjabi phrases. Harry Anand's music is above average and caters well to the situation where the lead pair shares their feeling on dance floors.

The remix version of "Titliyan" is conventionally mediocre and adds up to the collection of DJ's in pubs and discos. The "antaras" are mixed with funky beats and are repeated in echoing effect to give usual "party feel".

Now, this number can be termed as "filmi" as it gives a feeling of bondage of characters with the story. The regular Punjabi feel and punch is exuded by ever reliable Sonu Nigam in "Assi Teri Gal Karni". The song is about a marriage proposal to the father of the beautiful girl in traditionally Bhangra folk lore style. In terms of music and lyrics it can be termed as the best soundtrack despite some Bhangra heavyweights rendering item numbers. Suzaane's additional chirpy English is spicy. It's lively and frolicking soundtrack that sounds more like an interesting conversation.

This marriage celebration is extended in second version "Assi Teri Gal Karni -2" with a similar feel. This version has additional rap and hip-hop English that sounds like song's lyrics translated into English. Sonu Nigam's voice is a welcome relief as he is the only renowned vocalist besides Asha Bhonsle in the album. Harry Anand comes out with above average entertainer that might win him accolades.

'Teesri Aankh' is primarily conceived to entertain listeners who are dying for conventional Bhangra music. Unfortunately, the much hyped Jazzy B number "Chak De Punjabi" is not groundbreaking or trendsetting but an average situational soundtrack. Asha Bhonsle's "Sharabiyoon" is impressive but "Assi Teri Gal Karni" sounds more lucrative in terms of the audience's acceptance.



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