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By Eye TV India Bureau - Satyajit


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Syllonni, the new pop rage in Indi-pop, delights young hearts with her shimmering and feather-touch voice that promises to rule and reign for years. Her singing talent has added another dimension to her persona besides being prodigal sportswoman. This talented and attractive girl had the tutelage of well renowned musicians like Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan and Pandit Satya Narayan Mishra. She learnt the basics of music at the Gandharva Mahavidyalay and it proves nurturing seedling to her singing talent. "Syllonni"- the album cherishes many shades and rhythms and titillates every mind and heart. The album exudes ultimate musical desire as it has perfect blend of musical cultures with a touch of western, Arabic, Jazz, and Punjabi beat and fusion to entertain. Syllonni's first album is named after her. The album was released by Universal Music and has eight entertaining songs which include two re-mix songs by DJ Akbar Sami. New and upcoming musical talent Richard Kaashi, a close associate of noted music director duo Jatin-Lalit, has composed these lively soundtracks. Talented lyricists like Shyam Anuragi, Salim Bijnori and Vibha have penned the songs that epitomize the innocence, passion, rage and desire of the singer in the album. "Syllonni"'s first video "Bheegi Chandni" has been shot exclusively in snow bound Manali and Shimla. The music video spells magic and it has Hollywood actress Hazel (from 'Harry Potter' series of films) in it.

A wet, shimmering and exotic moonlight welcomes the spirit of life as the soft and svelte voice of Sylonni exudes passion in the opening soundtrack "Bheegi Chandni". High-pitched and well groomed this pristinely melodious song speaks many colors of innocence and frivolous youth. Salim Bijnori's words work magic that gets the vocal support of Sylonni with the fine blend of chorus voices in the background. The mood gets merrier as the imagination gets wilder when the song progresses. This introductory soundtrack has been choreographed on the exotic snowy valley of Shimla and Manali with bunch of youthful gals. The video song will feature Hazel, Hollywood actress from "Harry Potter" series, along with Sylonni. Richard-Kashi's technically crafted music lifts the spirits with modulating voice of Syllonni working wonder. A must listen item for pop lover and welcome start to the album!

Monosyllabic, autobiographical as the song describes about the naughty and frolicking behaviors of Syllonni in the soundtrack "Main Syllonni". The singer describes her as divine angel who craves for eternal delight and ecstasy in her life. The mood is enlightened with the fast paced foot thumping music with titillating effects and beats.

Salim Bijnori's lyrics "Main to Pari Hoon, Udne Chali Hoon Main" is filled with "spirit of life" described in the self portrayal of the singer ( Syllonni). It may sound repetitive but the musical zing and the vocal freshness creates an intoxicating magic.

DJ Akbar Sami remixes the soundtrack with optimum western musical effects that color the occasion. It's moment to jive and live up to the beat and rhythm of western musical delight as the loud club music takes over.

Soft and mushy emotion runs passionately in free flowing ambience in the silky soft vocal touch of Syllonni's voice in "Tum Na Humse". It's about the eye-to-eye vibes that spark passion in lovers with immaculately romantic ambience. The heart felt sentiments get the passage of words as the musical delight creates magic. This time their Shyam Anuragi's sentimental lyric that works magic and gets the adulation by the ever spirited voice of Syllonni.

It's party time folks so get your dancing shoes as the mood gets wilder in the "Macha Halla". The song is about of creating "Halla" (pumping up passion in a louder way) in the hip-hop style. The feel and touch of the soundtrack is synonym to the recently heard "Halla Re" from Yashraj's 'Neal 'n' Nikki'. Sylonni tries to create a seductive rage with her voluptuous vocals that add fuel to the aggressive passion of the music. It's about "Sharbati Aankhen" and "Sheeshe Jaisi Jaawani" that describes reasons for creating "Halla". The feel is venomous as the song culminates into seductive mould with wild desires. DJ Akbar Sami is back in business once again as he remixes the track with funkier beats that give it a frolicking touch. Foot thumping passions can be felt as the raunchy rap lyrics mixed with fun loving music take over. It's a rage, passion and youthful enchantment all the way.

The romantic journey is carried forward as the vacuum is filled with eternal joy and delight in the soundtrack "Mitt Gaye Dooriyan". This times its fusion music that casts a spell with optimum usage of synthesizer and flute. The song has been designed in conventional Bollywood music style. Syllonni's vocals throng youthful delight that pacify the differences in the lover's spiritual union. It's soft, sentimental but still effective and penetrative to the core.

The Sufi music with Arabian delight comes piercing with vociferously louder voice of Syllonni in "Dil Dil Se Mile". The wild and explicit sensuous emotions get erratic as the voice gets shrill and the words drool with the music. The echoing drum beats and conventional Arabian instruments create serpentine contours of emotions. The signature tune of this soundtrack is similar to "Bure Bure" ('Bluffmaster') where Arabian singer Arash has created musical magic. It shows the nuances in the singer's talents that gel well with every occasion.

"Syllonni"- the musical album -- creates euphoria of colorful musical delights with the blend of various musical cultures. The name and its astrologically inclined spelling "Syllonni" (read Saloni) might perturb listeners but the musical ingredients are sure to excite. Indi-pop culture may have one more name added to their clan and one hopes it has to be "Syllonni".


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