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Indo-Pak growing brotherhood makes positive vibes in Bollywood with controversy king Mahesh Bhatt presenting 'Nazar' - spine- chilling skin flick. The surprise package of the film is sensational Pakistani actress Meera as the leading lady. The film went through series of controversies for the kissing scene between Meera and Indian actor Ashmit Patel, brother of actress Amisha Patel. The wrath of the Pakistani fundamentalists went to the extent that Meera got threatening calls. Bipasha Basu, Mallika Sherawat, Udita Goswami, Shamita Shetty and now Meera join the bandwagon of Bhatt's hot skin flick camp. "What you seeā€¦can kill you" - the tagline exudes the obsession, lust, desire and sensuality woven in the mould of suspense thriller.

This is the debutante directorial expertise from yet another member of the Bhatt's family - Soni Razdan (second wife of Mahesh Bhatt). 'Zeher' was directorial debut of Mohit Suri (nephew of Mukesh Bhatt) and 'Paap' and 'Rog' were directed by Pooja Bhatt (daughter of Mahesh Bhatt). Bhatt's musical fraternity - composer (Anu Malik) and lyricist (Sayeed Quadri) have carved out another album that is heavily fed on sensuality. Anu Malik's music works on similar guidelines that brought success and glory to albums like 'Murder', 'Zeher' and 'Paap'. Roop Kumar Rathod has composed one soundtrack that has lyrics from Shakeel Azmi. Sayed Quadri has justified his position as the evergreen lyricist for the Bhatt camp by rendering a couple of meaningful tracks. 'Nazar' has been made under the banner of Vishesh Films Pvt Ltd. and produced by Mahesh Bhatt and Sevi Ali. The album has eight original soundtracks on T-Series.

Side A has four soundtracks with title track "Nazar Nazar" as the main highlight. Sensuality oozes from the heart-piercing looks of the beloved as talented singer K.K sings "Mere Dil Mein Raho Ya Nazar Mein Raho" in the title track "Nazar Nazar". The "antaras" starts with low pitch music as it descends into voluptuous track. The soundtrack has added Latino and Arabic music to give it perfect ten look. K.K have performed brilliantly as he delivers sure shot winner all the way. Anu Malik's music impresses with some promising lyrics from Sayed Quadri. The remix version with some additional beats and tunes appears on the other side of the album.

Physical attraction is coupled with obsession of feminine desires in the soundtrack "Pyar Asth". Sunidhi Chauhan renders this sensual feel soundtrack that has enticing lyrics and soothing music. Sunidhi's soft and silky voice reminds of Alisha Chinai's latest solo hit track "Tinka Tinka" from 'Karam'. Sayed Quadri's lyrics get along with smoothing music maintaining the swiftness of the song. The soundtrack has the instrumental version also as the concluding track of this side.

'Zeher's melodious track "Agar Tum Mil Jao" gets rehashed in new version as "Mohabbat Zindagi Hai". Coincidentally, Shreya Ghoshal has rendered both the tracks with class and panache. Sayed Quadri's poetic lyrics rely heavily on Urdu vocabulary as words like Ibadat, Mohabbat and Bandagi are used frequently. Melody lovers might cherish this track that has romantic feel.

Guitar rendition clubbed with orchestration makes way for "Pyar Asth (Instrumental)". Saxophone notes speak for the lyrics of the song with some foot-thumping beats in the background. The overstretched duration of the soundtrack kills the listener's interest, as this is just another average instrumental track.

Side B has four soundtracks with "Nazar Nazar (remix)" and Sufi track "Ali Ali" as the main highlight. Boisterous and energetic pulsating beats make mood electrifying as Sunidhi Chauhan sings "Shor Machale". The soundtrack sounds similar to the last year's hit soundtrack "Dhoom Machale". The soundtrack has been tailor- made for the dancing track and parties. Sunidhi has been very proficient lately in rendering bouncy tracks like this. Music is contemporary with some routine lyrics that set the mood for the song.

The soft sentimental instrumental beats exemplify romantic touch in the soundtrack "Mohabbat Zindagi Hai (instrumental)". Lyrics of the soundtracks have been shaped in the instrumental beats and tunes. The track sounds conventional and situational as it fills the space in the album.

The pop generation has reasons to smile as the title track has been camouflaged with hip-hop and trendy beats in "Nazar Nazar (remix)". The mesmerizing voice of K.K makes promising notes, as the remix version does not hamper his vocal skills. Additional Latino and Arabic notes are added to give it a fabulous look. Anu Malik maintains his tempo in this remix version that has been a rage in almost every album.

Emotional Sufi musical score "Ali Ali" in the voice of folk singer Shubha Mudgal concludes the album. Roop Kumar Rathod's music makes conformist moves for Sufi music. Shakeel Azmi's lyrics are religious and sentimental as he uses words like "Ali", "Shanker", "Ram" and "Ghanshyam". Shubha Mudgal proves her mettle in her unique style of singing and rendering this Sufi track. The soundtrack sounds situational, as the choreography will play important role for its promotion.

Young generation has appreciated music from Mahesh Bhatt's films lately as the tracks of this album fall in the same cadre. Anu Malik has produced a couple of chartbusting tracks like "Nazar Nazar" and "Pyar Asth". The album's sales will depend upon its box office results, as the tracks sound routine and customary.


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