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Rajiv Rai's almost every film has had a hit song, from 'Yudh' to 'Gupt''. All these were action films where the scope of music is far less, but Rajiv Rai always managed to give the audience some good music in his films. Now, he's back with a film titled 'Asambhav-The Impossible' in which his favorite music composer Viju Shah renders the music. Unlike his other movies that usually have eight songs, this time with 'Asambhav', he has only five songs and an instrumental.

The song 'Raatein Badi Hain' looks like it will be the climax song. The song having average lyrics is composed as a full-fledged western mode track. Sung by Hema Sardesai, this high-pitched song is interspersed by some husky recitation of Nasseruddin Shah, which is not at all impressive.

A very routine guy and girl song is 'Teri Dekh Dekh Ladkaiyan'. It's a typical situation where the hero is trying to impress the girl. The music is nothing great and the lyrics are a letdown. The only thing commendable about the song is its singers, Udit Narayan and Kavita Krishnamurty.

A number, which seems has been composed for the super hero of the film stating that he can win the world, is Main Sada Hoon. Viju Shah's music for this song will surely sound great in theatres having a good sound system. Sameer's lyrics have been sung by KK, who gave his best for this heavy-duty song.

'Mashuqua Rubi', the half Arabic and half Indian song has been brilliantly sung by Anuradha Sriram. The song has strong western arrangements. A definite item number picturized on a girl who knows how badly men want her, will do well for the moment but it restricts to just that. Overall the song is an average fare that is expected to do wonders on screen if presented in a fashion, as Rajiv Rai's songs are known to be.

The song 'Koi Aayega' is another stage number sung by Sunidhi Chauhan. When you hear it you willl imagine a girl waiting for her prince charming to come soon and embrace her. A fast paced number with very mediocre lyrics and theme doesn't stand a chance to hit the charts.

And finally comes the 'Asambhav theme'. When one looks at the label one would think that it's space filler on the album. But, one is taken through a roller coaster ride during this rather long music piece, which is probably one of the best musical instrumental to have arrived in recent times.

A high voltage techno mixed song has a conversation between Arjun Rampal and Nasseruddin Shah amidst the instruments playing around them. A spell binding composition; it is techno and highly charged, has variations throughout and can just walk into a Hollywood action film without difficulty. In the entire album, this instrumental is the saving grace and covers up for all the negativity about the music.

Music of 'Asambhav' is only mediocre. If heard in isolation the music lovers will probably be interested in the techno bit of the entire album.


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