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By Satyajit - Eye TV India Bureau


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Hollywood's pulsating and action-packed boxing film 'Rocky' gets into Bollywood mould as Sohail Khan punches his way in 'Aryan - Unbreakable'. In hot pursuit to recreate the youthful mind-blowing sporting passion this film brings out deadly and blood thirsting sport (boxing) as the theme of the film. Small time actor Abhishek Kapoor who made insignificant start as an actor in 'Uff Yeh Mohabbat' directs this action-packed drama. Sohail Khan plays the lead role of "Aryan", the protagonist who fights his miseries against all odds in this hi-action packed thriller. The character of Aryan strikes a chord with Sylvester Stallone of 'Rocky' and the film is expected to be its inspirational lift. Sohail Khan's next venture 'Fight Club' is also Hollywood inspirational lift as his last offering as an actor 'Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya' was a big hit. Macho man Puneet Issar plays "Ranveer", his trainer who grooms him for indomitable glory. Svelte, shy and demure Sneha Ullal ('Lucky-No Time for Love') plays the love interest of Sohail Khan. Ironically, Sneha made impressive debut opposite Salman Khan and this time she plays love interest of his brother Sohail Khan. Besides them, Inder Kumar comes out in negative shades and cricket legend Kapil Dev does a cameo after the much acclaimed 'Iqbal'. Veteran actors like Farida Jalal, Satish Shah, Supriya Karnik and Gulshan Grover play important characters in the film.

Noted music director Anand Raj Anand renders some melodious and hip-hop soundtracks. The background of the 'Holiday' fame Ranjit Barot is inspiring and pumps passion with its thunderous percussions and beats. 'Aryan' promises lively musical entertainment with ten original soundtracks that can be heard on T-Series.

Melody runs sweetest as the finely chiseled and mellifluously rendered voice of Shreya Ghoshal emotes out shy and demure feminine sentiments in "Jaaneman". Shreya scores pure gold this time with her finest offering of the year with some mesmerizing lyrics. The song epitomizes the introverted marital sentiments of the girl as she waits for his beloved husband in her dream house. Shreya's modulating vocals speak for the feminine grace coagulated with fine blend of verses and phrases in decorous mood. Melody has never sounded so sweet in recent times and Shreya genuinely deserves recognition and acclamation for her brilliant vocal act. Sonu Nigam supports well but the track completely belongs to her. Had it been choreographed aesthetically it would have worked wonder.

Anand Raj Anand's musical instincts should be applauded for creating magic with soft and silky voice of Shreya coupled with equally impressive vocals of Sonu Nigam. Even the lyrics sound refreshing despite the fact they are penned in Punjabi dialects but still catch the listener's attention. A sure shot winner and a great start to album!

Bhangra passion can never be completed with hip-hop garnished spicy flavors as producer-turned-singer Poonam Khubani along with music composer sings "Ek Look Ek Look". This is the funkiest track in the album where slow moving rhymed hip-hop music pumps youthful passion. The soundtrack is a lovable confrontation where lovers exchange vibes in vociferous romantic ways.

The song comes in three different versions - original soundtrack, remix version and dhol mix with zestful fest. Poonam's fresh sounding voice entices ears whereas Anand Raj Anand sounds harsh and loud in conventional "Sufi" style. Spearheaded with an overdose of technically crafted musical remix version appears first followed by "dhol mix" and original soundtrack.

The remix version is conceptually rendered to pump passion on dancing floors with trendy back up vocals of Earl, Praful, Neha and Devesh supporting well in chorus. Praful Kelkar remixes this soundtrack with loads of rap and hip-hop lyrics mixed with hi-pitched techno crafted westernized music.

"Dhol Mix" is specially designed for creating foot-tapping magic for festive mood. The extra spicy flavor is added with back up vocals of Earl D Souza and Neha Bhasin. The loud Bhangra clap, traditional "Boliyan" with spiced up music, lifts spirits.

Loud, inspiring and indomitable spirit of sportsmanship shows vibrant colors in enthusiastically rendered "Tere Te Me". Anand Raj Anand's loud and inspiring voice talks of "never say die" spirit where protagonist is encouraged for indomitable feat. Pamela Jain's soft vocals support the soundtrack in a balanced manner with some thunderous musical arrangements. This sounds like a conventional and situational soundtrack that strikes chord thematically with "Eye of the Tiger" ('Rocky') and impresses in a big way.

"Unbreakable Theme" shows the spirit, grit, determination and passion of the protagonist as Bianca and Ranjit Barot sing their heart out. After rehashing Hollywood films this time they "cut, copy and paste" the hip-hop, rap and reggae music in this soundtrack. This number may confuse listeners as this sounds more from a Hollywood pop music album than "masala" Bollywood film. The song is rising above one's miseries in the true spirit and it emotes in conventional westernized style. After 'Dus' and 'Neal 'n' Nikki' this comes out as another soundtrack conceived with full length English lyrics. This sounds impressive but will have few takers as the album is sold as a film album and not as pop album.

Sad and depressing emotions of a protagonist get the voice of Anand Raj Anand in the sentimental soundtrack -- "Lamha Lamha". The song is about misfortune where broken dreams emote with abhorrence and antipathy. The feel of "antagonism" is reflected with tinge of classical western music. This soundtrack adds one more star to album credits with heart piercing lyrics. Anand Raj Anand sounds more like MM Kreem and this sounds more like "Awara Pan Deewana Pan" ('Jism').

Anand Raj Anand's music takes a U-turn and follows the melodious tracking of A R Rehman in "Rab Ne Mere". Shreya Ghoshal shines once again in delivering soulful soundtrack with Kunal Ganjawal's effective voice supporting it well. The song is about soulful communion between lovers as they enjoy themselves in musical melancholy.

"It's Beautful Day" concludes the trendy and joyful album as Shreya Ghoshal along with Hamza delivers slow paced romantic soundtrack. Love is in air and it shows its vivid colors through extra slow moving music collaged with mild and soft musical arrangements. The song is about celebration of "beautiful day" where lovers meet and fall in love. Ashish Manchanda and Abani Tantio's additional mixing add more zing to this upbeat trend that will find many takers in the Gen Next.

Anand Raj Anand's trendy musical presentation in 'Aryan' will add grace to his career with "Jaaneman" being the brightest soundtrack. Soundtracks like "It's beautiful day" and "Ek Look Ek Look" will be hot favorites among teenyboppers. The album deserves one look and promises entertainment for the pop genre. A good show!


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