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By Naresh Kumar

An Encounter

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Mallika Nayyar hails from Ludhiana in Punjab and is posing a serious challenge to her namesake Mallika Sherawat of Haryana. She is ready for any type of exposure in films, and doesn't fix any Lakshman Rekha, line of demarcation. She is ready to shoot topless provided the director finds it essential to fulfil the script's demand. She has already displayed it in a traditional album released by Universal Music. She has gone much beyond the limits set by her contemporaries. Yes, she is following the modern trend of doing item numbers and exposing body to please a common viewer. This brings them fame and money and help them in acquiring a position in their career sooner, which they may not get even after a decade of acting. She would soon be seen in her movie 'Fun'. We met her during the shoot of 'Fun'.

Excerpts of her chat:

What's the 'Fun' about?

This is a sex comedy as well as a suspense movie. The first schedule has already been completed in Goa. This is a story of three boys and three girls.

What's your role?

I play the character of Urmila. She is wife of Gaurav. These three handsome couples go out for a picnic where a murder takes place. The movie takes a turn from here.

Isn't the story similar to that of 'Masti'?

I haven't told you the story. My director only can tell you the whole story.

What do you say about your reported body exposure in this movie?

The movie has shown whatever the audience demands. This movie has as much body exposure as today's other movies have. If I have a beautiful body then there is no harm in exposing it.

Do you follow Mallika Sherawat's way of attracting audience by kissing and skin show?

Today Bipasha, Mallika Sherawat etc think that only they possess an attractive body. I can compete with them, both in acting as well as in skin show. This smooch you witnessed in the shoot is the demand of the script. Anyway, no body has a monopoly of smooches. If Sherawat can give a kiss, I can give it too, and much more.

Have you taken any training for acting though body exposure doesn't need one?

I am a resident of Ludhiana (Punjab). My father is Inspector-General of Police in Delhi. I have studied in a Delhi college. During my college days, I participated in fashion, ramp shows, etc. I have worked with Tarun Tahliani too.

What are your other films?

I have no release to my credit so far. However, I have acted in Jayaprakash's 'Chahat Ek Nasha', starring Manisha, Aryan Vaid and Sharad Kapoor. I play opposite Sharad Kapoor.

What's your view about body exposure in movies?

We must appreciate the audience's demand from a movie. I don't mind giving a topless shot provided the director feels that it is the need of the script. The movies would flop without skin show. Thus one will witness an end of his or her career. Enactment of sexy scenes is essential for any artiste to get a proper place in Bollywood.


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