‘Jism 2’ advanced to avoid clash

‘Jism 2’ advanced to avoid clash

By Eye TV India Bureau

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Bollywood’s top producer Ekta Kapoor and the controversial Mahesh Bhatt have demonstrated their professional respect for each other. Bhatt’s much talked about sequel ‘Jism 2’ starring porn star Sunny Leone has now been advanced in release to not clash with Ekta’s sex comedy ‘Kya Super Cool Hain Hum’. Bhatts moved their movie’s release earlier by a week, reportedly. The two movies are different genres altogether, but a clash is financially and otherwise a smart move. The Bhatts haven’t been as accommodating to others. But Mahesh and Ekta have sorted this one out among themselves.

Interestingly, Sunny Leone's debut in ‘Jism 2’ is already making waves with the first lovemaking scene between Randeep Hooda and her topping Bollywood buzz. What’s more interesting is the revelation that the film’s actress-turned-director Pooja Bhatt has lent her voice to the Indo-Canadian porn star. Pooja says her father Mahesh Bhatt, who has scripted the film, insisted she do that. Mahesh wanted a distinct voice. The 40-year-old Pooja says Sunny's onscreen persona was her creation and so it wasn’t difficult to fall into the character and the role. The actress-director is acclaimed for her acting performances in films like ‘Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahin’, ‘Tamanna’ and ‘Zakhm’, before turning director for the film ‘Paap’ in 2004.



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