By Max Sapphire

Govinda-Rani affair again?

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The talks about the affairs between the dusky actress Rani Mukherjee and actor-turned-parliamentarian Govinda are taking rounds in the tinsel world. These reports have prompted Govinda's wife Sunita to think of seeking a divorce from Govinda. The actor is very busy in his profession these days besides his new job of a Member of Parliament. You may recall that such rumors had spread in the past too and had been denied by Govinda and Rani. However, this time they are taking a serious turn. Reliable sources say that Rani has recently bought a new bungalow near Juhu, and assigned its interior designing work to famous designer Zareena Khan, wife of Sanjay Khan. She wants the bungalow to be ready soon for her stay there. Is she planning her honeymoon there? Govinda will have to seek divorce from his wife Sunita first though. Is the Abhishek Bachchan and his family listening?

Mohit Suri - Shamita marriage soon

A movie titled 'Zeher' has led the two of its bigwigs to enter into wedlock soon. Yes, they are its director Mohit Suri and the actress Shamita Shetty. Though Shamita's elder sister Shilpa Shetty has not yet decided about her marriage, Shamita has chosen her boss Suri while working with him in the movie. Suri is nephew of famous director-producer Mahesh Bhatt. However, 'Zeher' has failed to ignite romantic affair among the movie's Imraan Hashmi and the heroine Udita Goswami. Imraan is satisfied with his image of flirting girls. It is learnt that the producers and the directors are offering to Imraan movies full of smooches and bedroom scenes. Imraan is happy too as he gets an opportunity to kiss and share beds in films with new girls.

Poor Sonali Bendre

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The pretty face of the tinsel town Sonali Bendre is pitied against the directors and the producers inasmuch as they have been refusing to offer her lead roles in their movies. The reason presumably is that she has recently married. These very directors and the producers are ready to give her characters of bhabhi and sisters though these roles are hardly available. So, a director recently offered her the role of mother of Shahid Kapoor. This upset Sonali so much that she ran away from there. Now, she is going southwards to act in movies there. Is it South India's gain or Bollywood's loss?

Hrithik pretends sickness

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A former beauty queen and a heartthrob of cine goers Priyanka Chopra is frequently seen either talking or mixing with Hrithik Roshan. Yes, she is doing a movie with Hrithik. The actor is also getting close to Priyanka. However, there is a big difference. While Priyanka means close relationship with the actor, the latter avoids it. It is said that Priyanka invited Hrithik to a quiet dinner, but the actor declined on the pretext of ill health. Priyanka is still awaiting the hero to recover from his illness.

Ritesh Deshmukh facing a crisis

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Ritesh deshmukh is known more as son of a prominent politician of Maharashtra than as an actor though he has acted in several movies. He began with 'Tujhe Meri Kasam' that didn't fare well at the ticket window. Soon he did get three to four movies. Even Vasu Bhagnani was too kind on him and made a film with him opposite a foreign actress in 'Out of Control'. However, Ritesh couldn't succeed in it. This didn't deter Vasu from filming him in his next. Ritesh wants to be a hero. So, he acted in Inder Kumar's 'Masti'. This failed him too. Luckily, Ram Gopal Verma took him in 'Naach'. Ritesh failed to utilize this opportunity too. Besides, he has acted brief roles in other movies also. Let's keep our fingers crossed about his future career in films.


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