By Naresh Kumar

Fardeen attracts fair sex

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Fardeen Khan is indeed walking, talking dynamite. One of his friends says that he has no idea of the devastation when he walks through a crowd or on the sets. A large number of his young female fans are crazy to die for him. What a charm! The actor has also been voted the style icon of the year. According to eyewitness accounts, this Khan practically brought the city of Johannesburg to a halt during the international film festival.

Hollywood's toast to India

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A Hollywood house is too impressed with Guarang Doshi's 'Aankhen' to ignore it, and has, therefore, decided to remake it. Besides, another matter of pride for Bollywood is that Robert de Niro would don the role in Hollywood that was played by Amitabh Bachchan in Bollywood's 'Aankhen'. None other has confirmed this than Guarang .The deal has been signed and the rights are with him.

Mamta's sis as Bandit Queen

Rishikesh Sharma is planning to make a movie on Seema Parihaar, the woman dacoit in a UP jail. Though he is thinking of casting her in it, it is doubtful if the UP government will permit it. It is further learnt that the cast has almost been finalized and Mamta Kulkarni's sister Priya will have a role in the flick. The film titled 'Chambal Ki Seema', however, will take off only after Seema Parihar's release.

Rahul Dev is excited

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Model-turned-actor Rahul Dev is excited about his forthcoming movies, in which Dev plays a variety of characters, displaying his acting abilities. Rahul firmly believes that cinema is a director's medium. "It is he, who puts everything together." Rahul's performance in 'Champion' has brought him awards. As in his school days, so also on his nomination for an award he feels nervous. However, he says, Awards motivate me to work harder". He covered a long journey from modeling to acting to award nomination, only through his hard work. Ultimately, he has hit 'Championship'

Sanjay as a bad guy

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Sanjay Kapoor is set to play the villain role as a bad guy in Harry Baweja's 'Qayamat'. He will also be seen soon on the small screen in 'Karishma, opposite Karishma Kapoor. Now he's ready to do bad guy roles that have been pouring in. Of course, the actor is making sure that things go right. He is ready to turn an actor. To begin with he's signed Vikram Bhatt to direct the project and big brother Anil Kapoor will play the lead. Sanjay will not act in the film. His focus will be to make a good product, which will launch him as a successful producer.

Vivek undecided about doing ads

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Vivek Oberoi is still one of the busiest star of Bollywood. He has so many big films in his pocket. He is working with all the top directors like Roland Joffe, John Mathew Mathan, Abbas-Mustan, Yash Chopra, Shaad Ali and Mani Ratnam. Besides, he has time to shoot for his first ad - a Cola commercial opposite Aishwarya Rai, which he enjoyed working. Vivek, however, is undecided about endorsing products in the future. But he is sure that he wants to be a role model for Gen X. "I never aspired to be a role model, but now that I am one by default, I try to be as correct as possible." He says he has turned down huge sums for promoting liquor brands and also done anti-smoking campaigns. He also works for the welfare of the underprivileged. In this regard, he visited street children in Mumbai recently and helped them kick drugs.


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