Premier Of Yuktas Film Memsahab

June 20, 2008
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Grand Premier Of Yukta Mookheys Film Memsahab

By Kkomal Seth and Gautam Seth

Grand Premier of Yukta Mookheys film Memsahab, Lost in Mirage, celebrated at Fun republic in Mumbai 20th June 2008, Mumbai,: Yukta Mookhey?s film Memsahab, lost in Mirage, produced by Mr. Haroon Sayyed and Directed by Arshad Siddique, had a premier on 19th June 2008 at Fun Republic, Andheri. The premier was graced by many celebrities like Govind Namdev, Anjan Shrivastav, Sawan Kumar Tak, Sambhawna Seth, Bobby Darling, Harish, Bright Chairman Yogesh Lakhani and many more. The Movie sends out a clear message of NO VOILENCE. It is all about a girl who is the victim of 1984 riots, landing in the profession of prostitution but having a fire of taking revenge from the culprits. Yukta Mookhey in the movie plays the character, Anjali, who is the victim of 1984 riots and lands in the profession of prostitution. Goving Namdev as Kashinath plays a negative role and the culprit of destroying the family of Anjali in 1984 riots. As she grows with fire of taking revenge, after 24 years meets Kashinath co-incidently as the father of the director for whom she acts in the movie and in due course falls in love with the director. Rufee Khan plays the character of Rahul as the director of the movie. Finally, when she comes to know that Kashinath is rahul?s father she kills both of them. However, in the guilt she kills herself. The audience enjoyed the movie and liked the story as well. Yukta Mookhey was phenomenal in the movie as, her come back was appreciated by one and all.


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