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Full of Desi funFull of Desi fun

Full of Desi fun

By K N Gupta

Eye TV India Bureau

Cast: : Tusshar Kapoor, Kulraj Randhawa, Om Puri, Anupam Kher
Director: Samir Karnik

Critic's I-view

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When two or more Bollywood movies release together, rarely are all good. The second movie hitting the screens in India on Friday March 9th ‘Chaar Din Ki Chandni’ also turns out to be a fun entertainer. Director Samir Karnik regales the audience with some dirty fun and stark humor in ‘CDKC’. In the movie, veteran actor Anupam Kher plays a royalty obsessed Rajput, with a gorgeous wife played by the ‘80s hot Bollywood diva Anita Raj. They have a bunch of wayward sons, save for one normal guy Veer played by Tusshar Kapoor. On the night of Kher’s daughter his sister’s marriage, Veer arrives from London with his Punjabi girlfriend Chandni, sending the family, especially his dad, into a tizzy. The problem is the Punjabi babe in the Royal Rajput prince’s life.

Chandni, played by the cutie Kulraj Randhawa, plays a sassy hottie winning all hearts but that of her to be father-in-law. The Veer-Chandni duo has it all plotted, with her playing a journalist writing about the grand wedding ceremony. Veer’s alcoholic and spoilt brothers are falling all over the cognac-eyed heroine. Then, Chandni’s parents – veteran and terrific actors Om Puri and Farida Jalal – show up. Dressed in traditional Punjabi Shalwars, they are made to blend in the madness. Puri becomes Punjab's best wedding decorator. No soon does Kher suddenly declare that Chandni must marry a real Sikh, Veer shows up as 'Pappi Sardar'. The movie has its dirty fun and hilarious moments at this juncture with loud Punjabi raucousness. Kapoor certainly delivers his depth for comic roles.

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‘CDKC’ has a good script that as a senior critic was overhead saying rivals P G Wodehouse. Even if not, this Bollywood flick is certainly one that blends Hollywood style accurate comic delivery with masala Bollywood humor. ‘CDKC’ is definitely a movie that keeps you smiling, if not rolling on the floor laughing (if you can understand the very crass desi dialogues). It is truly made by Bollywood lovers for Bollywood lovers. Great tongue-in-cheek, raw humor with all kinds of jokes for those that love it the Punjabi way combined with a feisty heroine and a funny hero make for a fun time spent. There is chemistry between the gorgeous Kulraj and Tusshar who demonstrates he is an earnest actor and perhaps under-rated. There are moments when one is reminded of Tusshar playing his veteran actor Jeetendra especially on the musical numbers he taps to.

Overall, compliments to the makers of ‘CDKC’. It is a smooth and fun-filled movie.


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