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A complete flop!

By K N Gupta

Eye TV India Bureau

Cast: : Payal Rohatgi, Sangram Singh, Rahul Minz
Director: Kirshan-Baadal

Critic's I-view

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Appropriate as it might be to release just around Valentine’s Day, Bollywood movie ‘Valentine's Night’ hitting the screens in India on February 10, 2012, falls well short of expectations. One wonders if the movie was written by the Kirshan-Baadal duo for the movie’s lead stars, Payal Rohatagi and Sangram Singh, who are soon going to be a real life couple! The theme isn’t new for Bollywood. For that matter, the Indian cine industry may well be called the Mecca of romance for a hundred years as pretty much every film is a love story. And, the subjective Valentine night has featured before in movies like ‘Is Raat Ki Subah Nahi’ and ‘Ek Chalis Ki Last Local’. Of, this one could be another Facebook movie after 'Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge'. Alas, ‘Valentine’s Night’ fails completely unlike others that left some impact on the audience.

The film is about five people who’ve known each other only through social networking. They decide to meet on a Valentine's Night. It’s a mere coincidence that all of them are nursing broken hearts. They book a limousine and roam aimlessly on Delhi streets. What an ill luck that their bright car is hijacked and they are booked for a murder! The group comprises Sanjana played by Payal Rohatagi whose husband Angad played by Sangram Singh plays a prank on her. He sets up a trip for single people. Then, Andy played by Rahul Minz, Aditi played by Neha Thakur and Milind by Sunny Hinduja join them. They share their stories. Sanjana is the moderator. Suddenly, they find themselves in an odd situation as Milind is implicated in a murder. A secret video captured by a child reveals the murder mystery. The child posts that video on the Facebook to help the police track the real culprit.

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This flick lacks story and screenplay. Happily the dialogues are at times sharp enough e.g. “Life mein itna virus hai, daaru saala anti-virus hai” during their booze session. About the cast’s performance the less said is better. Payal Rohatagi, the only one in the lot with experience, fails to impress. Sangram Singh, a known wrestler, should just stick to his original profession. The direction is no good either. Rakhi Sawant as a guest performs an item number 'take me up, take me down'. That too doesn’t lend much support to the film. Good that the censor has awarded it an ‘Adults Only’ certificate. This will save many a young hearts from watching it.

Overall, the movie gropes in the dark for light at the end of the tunnel. And, there’s none! Avoid this one!!


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